3 Best Healthcare Doors for Your Medical Centre

Easy access to premises is very crucial in the health sector, where medical facilities are frequently visited by the sick and unwell. Vulnerability to infection during a pandemic makes it essential that patients and visitors to a medical facility are able to get into them without making physical contact with objects like doorknobs or handles.

Access doors in such facilities need to be sufficiently robust to meet government standards. It is also imperative that these buildings can easily be accessed by persons with disabilities. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) of Australia 1992 seeks to ensure that persons with disabilities are not disadvantaged to access buildings that are open to the public.

Industry specialists operating GP surgeries, hospitals, dental offices, medical laboratories, pharmacies and such other premises must ensure that appropriate measures are taken to secure easy access and prevent the spread of infection. Automatic doors will be the obvious choice for medical facilities because they provide easy access and create a hygienic environment, which is essential for working safely in those facilities.

Benefits of automatic doors

• Easy access between rooms

In addition to easy access for patients and visitors at entry points, fully automatic doors can also facilitate movement from one room to another. The doors can be installed with sensors that are activated without manual contact. The sensor is activated by making a movement in the proximity of the door, significantly cutting down the chances that you will contract an infection from touching shared surfaces while accessing adjacent rooms.

• Energy efficiency

Automatic doors save on the cost of heating. The doors open and close rapidly, thereby maintaining a steady, cosy room temperature at all times. Patients and staff members will be comfortable anywhere in the building regardless of the season. This energy efficiency makes automatic healthcare doors a worthwhile investment, especially in a high-traffic sector like healthcare.

• Enhanced security

You can also enhance security in a medical facility through the use of automatic healthcare doors. You have the option of installing automated locks that can be programmed to operate at certain times of the day, depending on your work schedule. Access to the premises can be provided to members of staff you wish to permit to enter the facility after hours. The doors will shut behind you automatically as you walk through and will be locked immediately, so you don’t have to worry whether they remember to lock the door whenever someone goes through.

• Improved visitor experience

Public perception is essential. Automated doors improve the visitor experience in any building and can boost the image of the establishment. People know they will be safe and secure within the premises, and they will be less likely to contract an infection during their visit, especially at a perilous time like this pandemic.

Healthcare door options

People with a disability, the elderly, children, as well as injured and very ill patients, will benefit from the use of fully automated doors in medical facilities. There are various types of automatic medical doors that comply with safety regulations and meet the high standards of hygiene required in a medical facility.

1. Automatic sliding door

Go Doors supply and install automatic, high-quality, glass healthcare sliding doors, either frameless or with various types of timber frames. There are also disabled sliding doors for automatic door entrances, including access to unisex toilets. The automatic medical sliding doors are designed to meet the requirements of existing anti-discrimination laws. These doors are equipped with access control, so they are ideal for GP surgeries, dental offices and nursing homes.

2. Automatic swing door

Go Doors supply and install the most up-to-date automatic swing doors. Different types of frameless and timber-framed swing doors are on offer. In the event of a fire, quick and safe evacuation of the building is paramount. Each automatic swing door is designed to reduce smoke and fire spread. An automatic swing door operator can also be installed if the door is required to open or close automatically when a fire signal goes off.

3. Revolving door

Revolving doors are useful in medical facilities that see a steady stream of a relatively high number of visitors per day. These doors help regulate the flow of human traffic as they enter and exit the facility. Revolving doors are also energy saving. They help in cutting out draught and prevent heat loss. This makes the reception area very comfortable for patients and staff when it is very cold. Go Doors supplies a variety of automatic revolving doors with a wide range of bespoke designs to choose from.

Additional features of automatic healthcare doors

Go Doors offer high-quality medical door systems of various styles and applications, providing cost-effective and hygienic door solutions for medical facilities. There is huge flexibility in the range of options for opening the doors. These include wired and wireless push buttons, wireless remote control fobs and proximity reader swipe cards.

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The doors are installed with adjustable combination sensors that use unidirectional beams for maximum safety. The sensors use the most modern, vertical safety panel beams, as opposed to the old, single beam style beams, which have much less safety functionality. There is also an option to install vandal-proof security keypads for medical facilities in locations where high security is required.

Digital door mode pads will enable a technician, for example, to carry out maintenance work on your automatic door. They can set the mode of operation to manual, hold open or other convenient options so that visitors can continue to use the entrance while the work is going on.

Go Doors’ strategic partnership with other leading technology companies facilitates interface with these technology types. These include Bluetooth and wireless activation triggers, etc.

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Contactless entry is the safest and most hygienic mode for a medical facility, and automatic healthcare door systems offer the best solutions. Go Doors is the go-to company in Western Australia for the supply, installation, upgrading and maintenance of automatic entrance systems.

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