Go Doors is the trusted sole sales agent of RECORD Automatic Doors in Western Australiawhich also encompasses the market-leading AGP Revolving Door Brand.

When you chose Go Doors, you can be assured that you are receiving automatic door products of the highest quality, supplied by a company with local knowledge and experience, with the backing of one of Europe’s largest and most successful door companies since 1953.

RECORD is a world leader in high quality, Swiss-made precision automatic door operators. The first RECORD operator went into production in 1953 and is now used in major airports, shopping centres, hospitals, disabled toilets etc across more than 50 countries worldwide, including locally here in Australia.

Go Doors supplies, installs and commissions the following types of automatic doors: 

  • Automatic glass sliding doors (framed & frameless) 
  • Automatic swing doors 
  • Dual bi-parting automatic swing doors 
  • Automatic cavity sliding doors 
  • Ceiling recessed automatic doors 
  • Revolving doors 
  • Automatic telescopic doors
  • Bandit / burglar-proof glass and door entrance systems 
  • Automatic airtight doors 
  • Hygienic hematic automatic doors 
  • Fire-resistant automatic doors
  • Inverse sprung doors for use in escape routes or disabled access 
  • Inground automatic door closers 

Go Doors stocks a full range of spare parts for RECORD Automatic doors, including the following components: 

  • STM 20 controller 
  • STG Uni controller 
  • STM 21 controller 
  • STM20 Red/Duo controller 
  • STG DFA 127 controller 
  • AGTATEC AG motors 
  • ATE 20 motors 
  • ATE 21 motors 
  • MS FEM 0 
  • All other RECORD accessories and parts 

Sliding Doors

Swing Doors

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of Record doors can be installed in Perth businesses?

    We can install the full range of record doors in your commercial premises including sliding doors, swing doors, fire-resistant doors and revolving doors. Book a consultation with one of our trained technicians so we can assess your entrance requirements and recommend the best automatic door for your business.

  • Who can service/repair Record automatic doors in Perth?

    Go Doors is the trusted sole agent of Record automatic doors in Western Australia. If your business premises has Record doors installed and you require repair or servicing, get in touch with Go Doors today.

  • What are the benefits of Record automatic doors?

    Swiss-made Record is one of Europe’s largest and most successful automatic door companies, a brand that has been around since 1953. Available in over 50 countries worldwide, Record is highly regarded as a supplier of automatic doors and products of the highest quality – durable and reliable.

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