Automatic revolving doors help to control the flow of traffic through large corporate offices, high rise buildings and hotels. They are also found in smaller buildings where promoting a constant flow of traffic is required, or the property owner is hoping to make a statement with a revolving door becoming a key focal point for visitors.

Additional to traffic control, electric revolving doors reduce the cost of heating and cooling with glass panels creating an airlock, reducing the flow of air. The energy efficiency benefits of revolving doors make them a popular access solution for larger facilities and offices where energy costs are generally high.

As automatic revolving doors are commonly found in high traffic areas and infrequent use, it’s important to do your research into the brand of door and select a reliable automated access company to install them. Go Doors have over 100 years of combined experience and provide ongoing auto door maintenance solutions to keep your new revolving door in operation year-round.

Applications for Automatic Revolving Doors

An automatic revolving door is ideal for office buildings and commercial properties with high volumes of traffic flowing through the entrance. Unlike automatic swing doors, which may not accommodate steady streams of traffic efficiently, auto revolving doors allow for continuous traffic to pass through unrestricted.

Additionally, swinging and sliding automatic doors may at times allow for large wind gusts to disturb patrons inside. However, automatic revolving doors keep fresh air circulating at all times while also minimising the loss of internal heating or cooling.

Automatic revolving doors also limit internal exposure to elements such as noise, fumes, and other unpleasant smells.

While automatic revolving doors can be used at the entrances of most commercial buildings, and Go Doors has installed them in a wide variety of commercial building types, revolving doors are most commonly installed in:

  • Hotels
  • Large retail establishments
  • Large corporate office buildings

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Finding the Right Automatic Revolving Door

There are several factors to consider when selecting the right automatic revolving door for your commercial property. These commonly include:

  • Traffic Flow

    First, consider the traffic flow.

    • Does the traffic at your premises consist of large bursts of crowds during a short period, such as a major sporting venue?
    • Are people constantly moving large pieces of equipment, medical staff pushing gurneys or hotel guests travelling with larger pieces of luggage?

    In these cases, an automatic revolving door with a wider diameter and more space within sections is likely required. On the other hand, a smaller diameter may be ideal for you if your traffic is a smaller but steady stream of business traffic, such as professionals carrying little more than handbags and laptop cases.

  • Location Size

    Consider the space that you require to install electric revolving doors. Depending on the size you have, an automatic sliding or swing door may be the better option. Or if you have a large open area, consider the size of the revolving door you wish to install. Our professional team will help assess your commercial premises and customise a new revolving door to fit your ideal size and space.

  • Building Design

    Your revolving door selection should also take into account the design and feel of your commercial building. More institutional and functional spaces, like hospitals, might consider simple and sturdy glass panel doors. On the other hand, upscale hotels may prefer an automatic revolving door with more intricate elements of design.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are automatic revolving doors secure?

    Our Go Doors automatic revolving doors are secure and can be controlled from multiple access points if required. Whether your property is a bank or a high-end retailer turning high volumes of cash and valuables, we ensure the new revolving door fits your requirements. We offer models that include security features such as safety glass and card or biofactor access.

  • What happens if my automatic revolving door stops working?

    All of our automatic revolving doors can be operated manually. Following installation, our experienced door technicians will show you exactly how to operate your new automatic revolving door manually in the event of a power outage or similar.

    To avoid your auto revolving door from breaking down from a preventable cause, we also provide automatic door maintenance services to ensure the longevity of your automatic revolving door.

    If your electric revolving doors stop working, we have a 24/7 emergency door repair service to get your business entrance back in operation as soon as possible.

  • How do automatic revolving doors work?

    Revolving doors include three to four panels that are attached to a central rotating shaft. Depending on the requirements of each premises, these doors can be automated to either:

    • Rotate continually regardless of traffic
    • Begin movement when approached
    • Be activated through a push button

    When discussing the requirements of your business, our experienced technicians will ensure your automatic revolving door operates in a way suitable to your needs.

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