Installing a brand new automatic gate in your business is a large investment that improves access and security of your premises. To get the most out of your investment, Go Doors recommends that new electric gate owners schedule routine servicing with a cost-effective routine automatic gate maintenance plan.

Routine maintenance of your new swing or sliding automatic gate will ensure your commercial premise will continue to meet all Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) standards, Building Code of Australia (BCA) standards and continue to operate efficiently with minimal chances of disruption.

Go Doors specialise in both automatic gate repairs and maintenance of all major electric gate brands with a huge stock range of leading automatic gate motors and components stocked right here in our Perth workshop. Holding stock of all leading brands ensures that our team provide scheduled automatic gate maintenance, repair and installation services with prompt lead times and minimal disruption to your business processes.

Scheduled Automatic Gate Maintenance from Go Doors

Having your automatic gate maintained by Go Doors will:

  • Ensure your automatic swing, sliding and boom gates are checked for faults and issues, keeping employees, clients and the general public safe;
  • Improve the longevity and efficiency with routine electric gate maintenance and servicing;
  • Improve the security of your business premises with routine checks of security codes and wireless electric gate switches;
  • Provide access to our 24/7 emergency automatic gate repair team servicing the greater Perth metro area.

Automatic Gate Service Agreements

Go Doors understand that the needs of our commercial electric gate partners vary depending on the frequency of use, choice of electric gate design and more. Because of this, our experienced team will tailor your automatic gate maintenance agreement to the needs and requirements of your business.

Depending on the frequency of use and age of the gate components, we recommend that preventative automatic gate maintenance and service safety check are carried out at four-monthly, six-monthly or annual intervals. This will be discussed with you in detail when entering into a service agreement with Go Doors.

Trust Go Doors for Automatic Gate Maintenance

With over 100 years of combined experience, Go Doors will provide prompt and efficient electric gate maintenance options to suit your business and automated access solution.

  • Hassle-Free Automatic Gate Maintenance

    Go Doors understand how important efficiency and time is to business owners and business operations. Our trained technicians ensure that routine automated gate maintenance of your swing or sliding gates are carried out with limited disruptions to your business, operations and staff. Our gate servicing options will be scheduled four-monthly, six-monthly or annually (to meet your businesses individual requirements) allowing you to focus on other processes in the business.

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  • Huge Range of Electric Gate Parts

    Go Doors stock a huge range of automatic gate motors, parts and components to reduce delays when servicing and repairing your commercial automated gates. Located close to the Perth CBD in Bibra Lake, our trained service technicians also carry a large range of electric gate motors and parts in our service vans to reduce the need for multiple visits to your premises.

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  • Competitive Service Agreements

    Go Doors tailor our automatic gate maintenance and servicing agreements to suit the needs and budget requirements of your business. With experience servicing all leading electric gate brands, our trained team travel with all necessary parts and components allowing us to provide prompt and efficient servicing of your automated gate solutions. This efficiency lowers our servicing time, allowing us to pass on the savings to you.

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  • Prompt 24/7 Emergency Servicing

    As a local West Australian business, our experienced automated gate technicians are conveniently located across Perth and greater Western Australia. We have multiple Go Doors service vehicles on the road 27 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need urgent response or repair of your swing or sliding automatic gate system, call Go Doors now on (08) 9419 3373 or view our full range of emergency door repairs services below.

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Automatic Gate Maintenance of All Leading Brands

Go Doors provide maintenance and servicing agreements for all leading brands of both sliding and swing automatic gate solutions. We also stock a huge range of electric gate parts, motors and components at our conveniently located workshop in Bibra Lake and carried by our multiple service vehicles travelling around Perth and Western Australia.

Go Doors provide automatic gate servicing for the following brands:

  • FAAC
  • BFT
  • Centsys
  • Ditec
  • NICE
  • King
  • DEA
  • ATA
  • Mhouse
  • Magnetic

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should electric gates be serviced?

    We recommend having your commercial gates and gate motors routinely serviced by a trained technician either four-monthly, six-monthly or annually based on use. The recommended automatic gate service agreement will be discussed with you at the time of installation.

  • What are the benefits of routine automatic gate servicing?

    Routine servicing of automatic gates at your business premises will:

    • Reduced downtime: Reduce the opportunity for major faults or errors to occur, keeping your automatic gates in operation 24/7.
    • Improve safety: Our trained technicians will assess the safety of your automatic gate systems to keep your staff and pedestrians safe.
    • Promote energy-efficiency: Using leading gate parts and automatic gate motors, your gate will continue to perform at peak efficiency.
  • Is it expensive to maintain an automatic gate?

    Go Doors strive to provide a cost-effective automatic gate maintenance plan to suit the budget and requirements of your business. This includes scheduled and routine servicing to keep your business in operation year-round. For businesses that have a service agreement with Go Doors, we also provide prompt and reliable electric gate repair and emergency repair services across the greater Perth metro area.

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