Go Doors offers 24/7 emergency gate repair services, complete new electric gate installations, replacement of your existing automatic or electric sliding gates, and supply of automatic gate parts, motors and equipment to businesses throughout Perth, WA.

We also specialise in strata managed, commercial and industrial sites with gates where multiple users require their automatic security gate system and car park system to operate reliably and with seamless remote-control and swipe card integration. No matter what sort of automatic and electric swing or sliding gate you’re after, our Perth team have the solutions you need.

To provide the best value for our commercial clients, our preference is to supply and install market leading FAAC and Centsys industrial automatic gates that are designed and built for reliability and high duty cycle. Where requested, we can also supply and install other brands such as Ditec, King, BFT and NICE.

Our range of automatic gate operating systems

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  • Sliding Gates

    Go Doors provides a comprehensive range of automatic sliding gate products to commercial clients, from gate fabrication to automation, we’ve got you covered.

    Types of sliding gates we install, upgrade and automate with FAAC, Centsys, Magnetic and Ditec components:

    • Single sliding gates
    • Double sliding gates
    • Telescopic gates
    • Cantilever sliding gates
    • Steel sliding gates
    • Aluminium sliding gates
    • Master & Slave type configurations

    Automatic Sliding Gates

  • Swing Gates

    Go Doors provides a comprehensive range of automatic swing gate products, from gate fabrication to automation, we’ve got you covered.

    Types of swing gates we install, upgrade and automate with FAAC, Centsys, Magnetic and Ditec components:

    • Single swing gates
    • Double swing gates
    • Master & Slave type configurations
    • Steel sliding gates
    • Aluminium sliding gates

    Automatic Swing Gates

  • Boom Gates

    Go Doors provides a comprehensive range of automatic boom gate products to suit any application.

    Types of boom gates we install, upgrade and automate with FAAC, Centsys, Magnetic and Ditec components:

    • Single lane type boom gates
    • Double lane, dual boom gate configurations
    • Master & Slave type configurations
    • Articulated arm or jack knife style boom gates
    • Boom gates for industrial applications up to 10m in length

    Automatic Boom Gates

  • Timer Clocks

    As part of our approach to integrated access solutions, Go Doors provides a full range of programmable timer activation accessories for commercial electric gates. Our most popular automatic gate timer clock features an inbuilt 365-day activation timer including public holidays, to allow the automatic opening and closing of access points at predetermined times.

  • Battery Backup

    To ensure your commercial automated gate continues to function during a power outage, we recommend installing an auto gate battery backup unit, also known as an uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Go Doors offers the following electric gate battery backup options:

    • Inbuilt battery backup units (UPS) for our sliding, swing and boom gate operators
    • Standalone battery backup units (UPS), wall-mounted or recessed in the ceiling
  • Access Control Keypads

    Go Doors provides a comprehensive range of access control keypads and buttons to activate your sliding, swing and boom gate entries at your business premise. These options include:

    • Mode control boards
    • Security swipe cards
    • Security antivandal keypads
    • Wired and wireless push buttons
    • Proximity activated RFID readers
    • Remote controls
  • Loop Detectors

    Vehicle Loop Detectors are used to detect the presence of metal objects such as motor vehicles and trigger the access way to open. Automatic gate loop detectors are often used in commercial entrances and are most suited to the activation of gates, boom gates and automatic roller doors.

  • Scheduled Maintenance

    We offer scheduled automatic gate maintenance programs on any brand automatic door, gate or roller door operator, whether installed by Go Doors or not. Call us today to ask about our planned preventative maintenance (PPM) programs.

  • Emergency Repairs

    We offer 24/7 emergency automatic gate repair services to commercial clients throughout the state on any brand automatic door, gate or roller door operator, whether installed by Go doors. Call us anytime on (08) 9419 3373 for an emergency call out, or quote to repair your entrance.

Commercial Security Gates

At Go Doors, we have 100 years of combined experience in commercial automatic gate installation and servicing. Over the years, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly.

We are here to provide you with an honest opinion on the best commercial automatic and security gates for your application at the best prices in Perth. Our electric gate supply partners have been chosen because they have proven to be superior in reliability and durability.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality electric gate motors and accessories for installation and upgrades. We also have significant experience in servicing any type of commercial or industrial automatic gate. Our highly qualified service technicians love a little problem solving, so if your automatic and/or security gates have experienced a fault or breakdown, our team in Perth are here to help!

Commercial Gate Installation and Upgrade

If it is the installation of a new commercial gate or an upgrade to an existing gate that you are after, then our experienced staff can help you choose the right product for your application. We can help you choose from a range of styles and access configurations to match your desired commercial purpose. We are also able to meet with you onsite for an automatic gate quote inspection to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the motor style and access configuration.

Custom commercial and industrial gate installation configuration options include the following:

  • Loop detectors for entry/exit gate actuation
  • Photoelectric safety beams (PE) for both safety and entry/exit actuation
  • Wireless/wired push buttons to lock, unlock and actuation gate
  • Wireless remote control systems
  • Interface all gate accessories and controllers with existing swipe cards, security and alarm systems
  • RFID Proximity card FOBs for hands-free gate actuation
  • Battery backup systems, including inbuilt and UPS units
  • Security keypads
  • Electric locking systems
  • GSM phone activated gate open/close systems

Our trusted gate brand components that we recommend for new installations and upgrades include the following:

FAAC Simply Automatic
Bft be ahead

If you want a reliable and honest opinion on commercial automatic and security gates, upgrades or emergency repairs at a highly competitive price, speak to our team at Go Doors in Perth today. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote by calling our friendly team on (08) 9419 3373.


View a sample of the many automatic gates and electric sliding gates we have installed across Perth.

Why Choose Go Doors

Go Doors relies on premium commercial grade automatic gate motors, and the motors we supply operate with a 100% duty cycle, meaning they can open gates all day long without overheating or premature failure.

When you choose Go Doors for the installation or repairs of your commercial automatic swing gates in Perth, you’ll receive prompt service and a high-quality product that will serve you reliably and market-leading feature sets. We are here to answer your queries, assist with any requirements you may have and any problems you encounter.

Our team can also assist with all maintenance and emergency repair requirements for commercial clients, promptly. All our technicians are fully qualified to work on all auto and electric sliding gates, giving you complete peace of mind that our work is delivered to the highest standards in the industry every time.

We have thousands of happy & loyal customers who have entrusted us with their auto gates.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How secure are automatic gates?

    Automatic gates are a great way to provide additional security to your business premises. Using advanced gate parts, sensors and remotes, Go Doors allow you to control who can enter your premises at all times. This helps ensure your business stays safe and secure, giving you ultimate control of key entry points.

  • How do automatic gates work?

    Automatic gates, whether swing or sliding, work in a very similar way. The gate is attached to an automatic gate opener that can be controlled via sensors, remotes or code entry – depending on your requirements. This allows businesses to control the flow of traffic into their premises, while also improving security. To reduce downtime and improve longevity, we recommend that you have your commercial automatic gates serviced and maintained by a professional door company such as Go Doors. Depending on the traffic your automatic gate receives, our team will recommend either four-monthly, six-monthly or annual maintenance intervals.

  • What types of electric gates are available?

    Go doors can install a few key types of electric gates for local Perth businesses:

    • Sliding Gates: These are ideal for large car parks and for entry points to workshops where there is room for the gate to slide against the fenced-off area;
    • Swing Gates: Are perfect for single-lane driveways and smaller workshops where space is tight;
    • Boom Gates: Commonly found in paid car parks in metro areas, boom gates are a great way to control the flow of traffic into a car park or business premises.

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