Whether it be an automatic sliding door, swing doors or revolving doors, we have the qualifications, experience and product range to complete your commercial project requirements.

Perth’s Automated Door Specialists

With increased awareness surrounding the importance of automated sliding and swing door solutions for the disabled (Assistive Technologies), fully automated disabled building entrances have become a standard feature in many new and recently renovated premises. An automatic commercial door also benefits parents of young children in prams; people with temporary illness or injury, older Australians, delivery people, and shoppers with heavy bags or trolleys while also helping to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.

Improving access with automatic commercial doors also helps businesses and service providers to meet existing legal responsibilities under the Design for Access and Mobility standards AS1428.1-2001, and recommendations from the Disability Standards 2010 review.

We are more than happy to conduct a site visit to assist in designing an automatic sliding door or swing door entrance for your commercial or industrial building, whilst ensuring that it meets all the relevant safety compliance standards and building regulations.

Our range of automatic door options and solutions

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  • Automatic Glass Sliding doors

    When you choose Go Doors, you can be assured that you are receiving glass automatic sliding door products of the highest quality, supplied and installed by a company with local knowledge and experience.

    Types of timber, framed and frameless glass sliding doors we can install, upgrade and automate:

    Automatic Sliding Doors

  • Automatic Swing Doors

    Automatic swing doors.

    When you choose Go Doors, you can be assured that you are receiving one of the best automatic swing door operators on the market, supplied and installed by a company with expert knowledge and experience.

    Types of timber, framed and frameless automatic swing doors we can install, upgrade and repair:

    • Automatic glass swing doors
    • Automatic framed swing doors
    • Disabled access (UAT) swing doors
    • Automatic fire rated doors

    Automatic Swing Doors

  • Revolving doors

    Automatic revolving doors.

    Go Doors is Western Australia’s leading supplier of Record AGP Automatic Revolving Doors, the world’s leading manufacturer of automatic door systems. Our range encompasses commercial door styles to suit both practical and aesthetic requirements for commercial buildings:

    • Diamond Series – A fully frameless glass automatic revolving door designed and manufactured in Australia.
    • Fullview Series – An exceptional all-purpose automatic door entrance with an extensive range of optional features.
    • Hybrid Series – The practical benefits of a canopy style automatic revolving door, with the aesthetic benefits of a frameless glass carousel design.
    • Custom Series – Bespoke automatic revolving door designs with cladded sidewalls and unique lighting features.
    • Crystal Series – A glass roof revolving automatic door with a stainless-steel cross-brace structure, offering larger sizes, dead load support of highlight glazing and other customisable design options.
    • K21 Series – The K21 is a two-wing revolving door that can convert to an automatic sliding door at the flick of a switch.

    Revolving Doors

  • Security Systems

    At Go Doors, we understand that your home and business needs to remain secure at all times, with security and safety being paramount. We supply and install the following fully integrated, tailored security upgrades to your automated commercial doors and entrances:

    • Electromagnetic locks
    • Electromechanical solenoid locks
    • Security antivandal keypads
    • Electric door strikes
    • Commercial door Drop bolts
    • T-bar plates
    • Specialised shatterproof, laminated and tempered security glass
  • Fire Resistant Doors

    Go Doors supplies and installs fire resistant rated commercial doors designed to reduced smoke and fire spread in the event of an emergency, enabling safe building evacuation.

    Where fire doors are required to open or close automatically during a fire signal, we supply and install the market-leading fire-rated DFA 127 automatic swing door operator.

  • Sensors and Activation

    To give you operating flexibility of your automated door, Go Doors provides a huge range of commercial door sensors, button and remote activation options to open your door. Options include:

    • Combination safety and activation sensors
    • Wireless remote control fobs
    • Proximity activation RFID fobs (triggers door automatically at 1, 2 or 3m distances)
    • Antivandal security keypads
    • Proximity reader swipe cards
    • Wired and wireless push buttons
    • Automatic timers for scheduled lockdowns.
    • Programmable Digital Automatic Door Mode Pads that allow any technician or customer to set the operator to manual, auto, reduced width, hold open, exit only or locking operation.
    • Market-leading combination sensors that are fully adjustable with uni-directional beams that utilise both microwave and infrared sensing for maximum sensitivity and safety. These sensors incorporate a fully monitored vertical safety panel beam, for the safety of all patrons in the doorway as per AS 5007-2007, and far exceed the safety functionality of old single beam style photoelectric safety cell technology.
  • Safety Sensors

    For any automated door, the safety of people and your equipment is paramount. We provide specialist sensor and safety equipment that utilises both microwave and infrared sensing technology to mitigate the impact risk of doors in motion and meet the Australian Standards 5007-2007. Options include:

    • Specialised automatic swing door sensors
    • IP65 rated sensors for marine and humid environments
    • Market-leading combination sensors that are fully adjustable with uni-directional beams that utilise both microwave and infrared sensing for maximum sensitivity and safety. These sensors incorporate a fully monitored vertical safety panel beam, for the safety of all patrons in the doorway as per AS 5007-2007, and far exceed the safety functionality of old single beam style photoelectric safety cell technology.
    • Long-range Radar Safety Sensors for commercial doors and industrial applications
  • Technology Integration

    Our strategic partnerships with other leading technology companies enable us to offer cutting edge automated commercial door solutions throughout your workplace. Our premium Swiss-made automatic door operators can interface with any of the following technology types:

    • Building management software
    • Fire and security inputs
    • Bluetooth and wireless activation triggers
    • CAN Bus technology
    • All Smart Home type controls such as Control4, Crestron, Savant etc.
  • Unisex Accessible Toilet (UAT) Buttons

    Go Doors is a specialist in the area of Assistive Technologies, and we provide a one-stop-shop solution for businesses looking to automate their entrances to meet Australian Standards 1428.1-2001. We provide a specialist range of Go Disabled Toilet Door solutions in both automatic swing and automatic sliding door configurations, fitted with our Go Disabled Toilet Door Button Sets. These button sets feature push to enter / exit buttons complete with braille, internal and external control panels, LED indicator status lights, emergency override break-out function and MLAK key compatibility.

Automatic Sliding Door & Swing Door Gallery

View a sample of the many automatic swing and sliding doors we have installed across Perth, WA.

New Automatic Door Installations

Go Doors has many happy customers and repeat clientele throughout Western Australia who have entrusted us with installing, upgrading and maintaining automatic entrance systems in their workspaces. This includes many commercial door installations across Perth.

We carry all our stock here locally in Western Australia and have a large fleet of fully stocked automatic swing door and sliding door service vehicles, which means lead times of less than 5 days on new operator installations, and less than 10 days on installations requiring powder coating or fabrication.

Go Doors understands that automating a sliding or swing door entrance or upgrading a failed operator can be a daunting exercise, and that’s why we provide a comprehensive, start-to-finish solution to industrial and commercial door automation with the following core services:

  • Design

    Bespoke Automatic Access Solutions

    When you choose Go Doors to upgrade your automatic door entrance, we aim to become your partners and expert guides from start to finish. Throughout this initial design process, we provide the following:

    • Free consultation
    • Determine customer needs
    • Free inspection
    • Check for AS5007-2007, AS1428-2001 compliance
    • Possibilities & budget considerations
  • Install

    Marking Leading Products

    Once a design solution has been found which fits the client’s form, function and budget requirements, we supply and install the automatic door, gate or roller door with our reliable, commercial-grade automatic operators.

    RECORD Doors Automatic Gates Roller Doors

  • Repair

    24/7 Emergency Support

    Throughout the life of the new automatic operator, we provide state-wide, 24/7 commercial emergency support services so you can rest easy knowing we’ve always got you covered.

    Emergency Repair Service

  • Maintain

    AS5007 Compliant Maintenance

    To ensure the prolonged life of your valuable assets and to meet AS5007-2007 standards, we provide tailored Go Doors Select Service Agreements to take the hassle out of maintenance.

    Scheduled Maintenance

Why Choose Go Doors

As a trusted name in automatic door solutions in Perth, our team at Go Doors has a combined experience of over 100 years in the auto door industry working on brands such as RECORD, Assa Abloy, Kone and Rubek. Our qualified and experienced technicians can provide a solution to all your commercial automatic door access requirements. From automatic door repairs to new installations of sliding and swing doors and automatic door motors with wireless key remote control access and integrated automation systems such as CBUS and FIBARO, the Go Doors team has you covered!

We carry all of our automatic door operators and hardware in stock locally in Western Australia, and we have a huge range of refurbished stock for older model doors. This allows us to provide industry-leading turnaround times on new automatic swing door installations, automatic sliding door installations and emergency repairs for commercial properties.

For new commercial automatic door installations, Go Doors only uses premium automation hardware, and we are the sole distribution agent for RECORD, a world-renowned Swiss manufacturer of automatic door components.

RECORD has been manufacturing automatic swing and sliding doors since 1953 and is globally recognised for their reliability, whisper-quiet operation and market-leading product range. Utilising this comprehensive range of RECORD automatic door operators, Go Doors provides a full suite of solutions that range from retrofitting automatic sliding doors, to 500kg+ swing door automation for commercial door applications. Click on the RECORD link below to view and download the technical specifications of our RECORD automatic door range as PDF and CAD files.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can automatic doors be opened manually?

    In the event of power outages or performance issues with your door opener, automatic doors can be opened manually by hand. If you’re unsure of how to open an automatic door manually, call Go Doors to speak to an experienced technician on (08) 7079 4373.

  • How do automatic doors work?

    Compared to their manual door counterparts, automatic doors use movement sensors and automatic door motors to automatically provide access when people approach the entrance. In situations where movement sensors are not viable, push buttons or touchless sensors can be installed to provide access to homes or commercial businesses as required.

  • Why will my automatic doors not close?

    If you’re experiencing issues with automatic doors not closing or opening as expected, it could be an issue with power, the automatic door motor or sensor issues. To provide a prompt and reliable fix, we recommend contacting Go Doors and organising a technician to attend your commercial premise. Our experienced technicians can promptly diagnose your automatic door system and fix operational issues.

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