4 Commercial Door Options That Make Access Easy

In general, commercial automatic doors are functional and aesthetic features of most commercial premises in Australia. They provide people access into spaces and protect building occupants from inclement weather, accidents and potential intrusions.

Taking functionality up a notch, automatic commercial doors provide seamless access to users in high-traffic areas or specific spaces. This is why durability, reliability and high performance are among the hallmarks of quality Australian commercial doors.

If you are thinking of retrofitting the old doors in your building or choosing doors for a new commercial property, consider these four commercial door options that make access easy.

Commercial door options for your business

1. Commercial sliding doors

Commercial sliding door option.

Automatic sliding doors make use of sensor technology, thereby removing the need for a door operator. This makes automatic commercial sliding doors highly accessible and more convenient, especially for people with a disability or those using mobility aids.

Commercial sliding doors are popularly used in hospitals, hotels and supermarkets where unhampered access is important. In hospitals especially, the convenient hands-free hospital door access provided by automatic sliding doors helps to significantly reduce the spread of germs via fomites.

When it comes to design aesthetics, commercial sliding doors are sleek, unobtrusive and subtle, especially if they are equipped with a concealed overhead sensor. Since automatic sliding doors move laterally or sidewards, they help save space. There’s no need to allocate a swing path, unlike with traditional doors.

Below are other key features of automatic sliding doors:

  • Work optimally as access points for two-way traffic;
  • Appropriate for both internal and external applications;
  • May come in single or bi-part slide options.

2. Commercial swing doors

Commercial swing door option.

Swing doors open with an outward or inward motion. Automatic swing doors, in particular, are commonly used at entrances to apartment or condominium buildings, schools, office towers, hotels, government offices, shopping centres and other establishments. Access is usually activated through the use of a nearby push-plate switch.

However, there are also automatic swinging doors that use infrared sensors, so they do not need manual activation. The sensor also detects the presence of anyone located in the swing path and automatically stops the door’s opening action to ensure safety.

Below are some other features of automatic swing doors:

  • Most suitable for areas with one-way traffic or where there are dedicated doors serving one specific access direction (entry or exit only);
  • Able to handle heavy doors of up to 133 kilograms or around 250 pounds;
  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications;
  • Can be used as a single door or as a pair of doors.

3. Commercial revolving doors

Commercial revolving door option.

Whether automatic or manual, revolving doors typically comprise 2-4 doors attached to a central shaft. Housed within a cylindrical enclosure, revolving doors rotate around an axis to allow access going into or out of a building.

Revolving doors are usually found in shopping centres, hotels, airports and hospitals. Automatic revolving doors provide the following benefits:

  • Ideal for managing two-way foot traffic as they facilitate simultaneous access for people going in and out of a building;
  • Revolving doors regulate foot traffic and improve security as people need to wait their turn to use one of the revolving door slots to get into (or out of) a building;
  • Work to regulate draft, heat and cold, as well as noise;
  • Look elegant and attractive.

There are also some downsides to automatic revolving doors. One of these is they tend to take up too much space, especially if you want to accommodate more people or mobility aids, luggage and other items in each slot at the same time.

Automatic revolving door prices vary widely depending on the size, number and materials. They are also expensive to install, although they can help reduce energy costs in the long term – we recommend speaking to our team to see if revolving doors are right for your business.

4. Commercial roller doors

Commercial door option for workshops - roller doors.

For workshops and commercial garages, automatic roller doors offer both the security and convenience needed to operate your business efficiently.

Automatic roller doors allow for the fast and seamless access of all types of vehicles, equipment or machinery. The hands-free feature of automatic roller doors removes the need to open and close them manually, especially since big, powerful roller doors can be really heavy.

All you need to do is use the remote and you can enjoy smooth, easy access.

Other advantages of automatic roller doors and security shutters include:

  • Providing protection from the elements, such as storms and strong winds;
  • Not having to worry about broken or shards of glass endangering your employees after a severe storm or ramming incident;
  • A cost-effective security solution that keeps your work area and employees safe from intrusion;
  • Durable, easy to maintain and clean with routine roller door servicing options.

Choose the best commercial automated door for your business

There’s a variety of automatic commercial glass doors (plus roller doors) you can choose from depending on your building or business needs. Each type offers distinct advantages, which should be a good basis for your selection.

Always choose commercial doors that have most or all of the features you need for your building or establishment, and which can provide seamless, automated access to the people who will be using them the most.

To help you decide, speak to the experienced team at Go Doors who can visit your site and recommend the right commercial door option for your premises.

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