How Gate Intercoms Can Keep Your Property Secure

Want to enhance the safety of your property? One of the most effective solutions is through gate intercoms. Whether providing communication between two parties or controlling access to a particular area, these advanced security measures can provide an added layer of protection for your automatic gates.

Keep reading to find out how gate intercom systems can reduce crime levels and enhance safety at any residential community or commercial business complex.

What is a gate intercom?

A smart gate intercom device and a smartphone app interface showcasing a visitor call, demonstrating the convenience and security benefits of gate intercoms in controlling property access.

Gate intercoms are widely popular in providing added security for residential and commercial properties. A gate intercom system is an audio-visual communication system that allows individuals to communicate remotely with those at the gate entrance.

How gate intercoms work

A hand holding a remote control with a signal icon, indicating activation of a sliding gate, demonstrating a secure way to manage property access remotely.

Visitors must present their identity when using a front gate intercom before the door or gate opens. Depending on the type of system, visitors can present their identity verbally through a microphone or visually by showing an ID card to a built-in camera.

Once the visitor is identified and verified, the gate intercom will send an alert signal to authorised personnel or resident, who then verifies the visitor’s identity and grants access.

  • One of the main benefits of gate intercom systems is that they can provide a heightened level of security for both commercial and residential applications.
  • An intercom kit is advantageous where many residents need to gain access easily. Also if a building has multiple entry and exit points, or high visitor numbers, such as apartment buildings, aged care, and retirement complexes.
  • A gate intercom with a camera is an assistive technology that enables users to verify the identity of visitors before allowing them access, thus eliminating unwanted intruders from entering the premises.
  • Additionally, gate intercoms provide a convenient way for authorised personnel to remotely open gates and doors without having to be present to grant access physically.
An image of a closed automatic gate with stone pillars on either side, suggesting the role of gate intercoms in enhancing security in residential areas.

Gate intercom systems can vary widely in terms of functionality, features, and cost. Therefore, it is essential for users to carefully consider their needs before deciding on the type of gate intercom system that best suits their security requirements.

There are wireless gate intercoms and wired gate intercoms. Wireless options have wirelessly connected stations, while wired gate intercoms need a copper wire to run physically between the substation and the base station. Wireless gate intercoms are easy to install and require minimal maintenance or upkeep.

Benefits of access control systems

Woman answering gate intercom in her home.

An access control system on entrances, such as a video intercom, keypad, or smartphone setup provide many benefits to businesses and homes. They offer an effective way to monitor and restrict access to any property while maintaining the security of its occupants or assets.


Automated or manually operated gates can be used to keep out unwanted visitors or vehicles. Some gates also have motion sensors or card readers that detect unauthorised persons and alert security personnel.

When coupled with an intercom system, gate access control systems offer great convenience for residents and visitors.

Intercom system

Intercoms are a reliable form of communication between occupants and people outside the gate. They allow visitors to announce their presence and request entry easily. Using wireless gate intercoms, occupants can even talk with visitors without leaving their property.

Access control systems provide an extra layer of protection and serve as a deterrent against potential intruders. They can be integrated into existing security systems for increased safety and convenience.

With the right access control system, you can ensure the safety of your home or business while providing a secure and comfortable environment for visitors.

Additional security measures you can take

A person's hand holding a smartphone with an app interface featuring a security lock symbol, with an automatic gate in the background.

Apart from gate intercom systems, there are several other security options that you should consider to keep your home or business safe. These include motion-sensor lights, gate automation controls, lights, alarms, fences, and video surveillance systems.

  • Motion-sensor lights are an excellent way to deter intruders, as they can be set up to detect movement in the vicinity and then brighten up the area.
  • On the other hand, gate automation controls allow you to easily open and close your gate with a remote control or an automated system.
  • Video surveillance systems provide an extra layer of protection by recording activity in and around your gate. An alarm will go off once triggered, alerting you that something is wrong.
  • Fences also help keep people out of your property.

Why you should professionally install gate intercoms

Professional man installing front gate intercom.

Having a professional technician install the gate intercom system can ensure that the system is working properly. While it is tempting to think a DIY approach may be sufficient, there are several reasons why it pays to have a professional install this security system.

  • Having professional installation ensures that it is properly connected to all the necessary power sources, as well as any existing electrical systems in the home.
  • This guarantees compatibility with other devices on the network and prevents issues like weak signals or unreliable connections.
  • Professionals also have experience ensuring that all components are safely connected and properly insulated.
  • This is important as it guarantees your family’s and property’s safety and prevents damage from electrical surges or other voltage-related issues.
  • Using a professional to install your gate intercom system also gives you peace of mind that all warranties are valid. You can also rely on them for advice and help if any issues arise.
  • In addition to the technical aspects of installation, you’ll also reap the benefits of expertise when it comes to the design of your gate intercom system.
  • Professional installers have experience selecting components that work well together and match the existing aesthetic of your property.

When considering upgrading your home security system, it pays to invest in a professional installation of your front gate intercom system. A qualified technician will ensure that all components are connected correctly and safely, as well as provide expertise in selecting components for optimal performance and aesthetic appeal.

Upgrade your automatic gates with an access control system

Upgrading automatic gates by installing intercom system.

Gate intercom systems offer a reliable and secure way to control access to residential and commercial properties. They provide an effective first line of defence against unwanted trespassers, enabling homeowners or business owners to know who is entering the property at any time.

The combination of access control systems such as automatic swing gates and intercoms and additional security features such as cameras, alarms, lights, and fences can create added peace of mind in knowing that your property’s outside perimeter is secure.

All gate intercom systems should be installed professionally so you can maximise the security benefits. From controlling pedestrian access around the perimeter of your home or business premises to individual entry points within a facility, gate access control will ensure your business premises are restricted to authorised personnel only.

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