When it comes to improving accessibility to your business carpark or workshop, automatic swing gates are commonly the most efficient and reliable option. At Go Doors, we can install a wide range of automatic swing gates in commercial properties throughout Western Australia.

Whether you’re looking to improve further on your business accessibility or getting your first automatic gate installation started, there is a lot to consider.

Our team has the experience and knowledge to provide a reliable and long-lasting swing gate entrance system. Following installation, our trained technicians can provide an ongoing automatic gate service agreement to keep your automatic swing gates operating year-round.

Benefits of Installing Automatic Swing Gates

Improving access to your business can benefit not only your employees, but also clients, customers, and people with a disability. Go Doors’ range of gate design options and gate access solutions (such as swipe cards, keypads and sensors), will help you find the right automated swing gate operator for your commercial premises.

Some of the primary benefits include:

  • Convenience – Being automatic, electric swing gates make moving in and out of the property quick and easy. People driving in and out of the premises can stay in their vehicle without having to worry about braving stormy weather or manually shifting the gate.
  • Security – Since our high-quality gates are operable with many different access solutions, access to your business becomes a lot more secure and less prone to break-ins. This is a big benefit to businesses that operate during late hours, keeping your business, employees, customers and assets safe.
  • Durable with Low Maintenance – Our gates are a reliable investment, being very durable to any condition, made for the Western Australian climate and weather. This also means you will spend less money long term on automatic gate repairs or expensive maintenance.
  • Authority and Credibility – Having an automatic swing gate lets business visitors know that you’re intent on taking care of your clients and employees, making entrance and movement through your venue seamless.

Automatic Swing Gate Applications

The high versatility of automatic swing gates ensures they can be installed and applied to a range of different entryways, providing advanced security and accessibility. Our experienced team of gate technicians are able to install electric swing gates in:

  • Commercial factories
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centres

Contact our team today to discuss our range of automated gate access solutions. The Go Doors team will assess your entry points and recommend automated swing gates or sliding gates to best suit your application.

Installation of Swing Gate Operators

The technology integrated with swing gates allows for sensor activation. The choice of sensor is usually decided based on the type of property you’re installing the gates on and the nature of the business operating there – our experienced team will discuss this with you when installing the electric swing gate.

Often, touchless sensors are the recommended option for healthcare buildings, medical facilities, hospitals and shopping centres due to their ability to provide quick and easy entry. For when security is of utmost importance, keypads and security card sensors can be installed to operate your automatic swing gate.

Regardless of the application, our experienced gate technicians will provide a reliable swing gate operator that works for your business. With over 100 years of combined experience, we have a long history of improving access to local businesses across Western Australia.

Make Go Doors Your Choice for Automatic Swing Gate Installation

Installing automatic swing gates in your Perth business is made easy by Go Doors.

Reach out to our team and we’ll book a consultation at your place of business to make recommendations and provide insight into the right access solution for your property. We have a large array of stock stored locally which means you generally won’t have to wait long for installation.

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